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Living in her Uptown World

With roots seeped in social advocacy, I am a New York City-based UX designer with a passion for creating simple, yet innovative technological experiences for all people, with a strong emphasis in the under-represented. Before UX, I was a community organizer serving low-income, formerly under-housed families in uptown Manhattan, spending my day-to-day researching and putting together programming that focuses on their empowerment and growth. It was standard for me to listen to their daily struggles and successes, taking note of things I was capable of personally addressing. My desire to serve and empathize with every person who walked into my office proved to be the seeds of potential I needed to become a strong user-focused based designer.


On the sidelines, I nurtured a computer programming hobby with an focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I regularly attended coding meet-ups and soaked up information online. In late 2017, my life pivoted when I was awarded the "Grow with Google" Front End Web Development scholarship for Udacity's Nanodegree program. I spent hours upon hours learning about logic, algorithms and the like. However, as much as I enjoyed coding, I craved the human interaction and design element that made technology worth developing in the first place. 


I continued my studies in 2018 at General Assembly, fine-tuning my skills through their extensive immersive UX Design track. Since then I have worked as both a UX Consultant and Graphic Designer for a number of upstart companies including Sable, Kotier, EastMeetEast and Qukix. Each opportunity has only enhanced my eye for design, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with such a varied group of clients so far.


Beyond my UX work,  I also regularly indulge in musical theatre, film, video games, comics ( New York Comic Con Crew Member 4 years-running ), weightlifting and Mexican food. I'm also a huge Buffy fan.


As a passionate and motivated professional, I’m constantly pushing myself to improve my techniques, expand my skillset and find new opportunities to learn and grow. Each of my projects has provided this growth and allowed me to establish myself within this competitive industry. It is my hope that you enjoy this portfolio, and feel free to get in touch with any questions or opportunities.

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