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A Statistic Collection and Polling App

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quikix cover1.png

A Fun Image 
Polling App
for Today's Youth
and Business

What were we aiming to solve?


As a fellow researcher and designer for this project, I was responsible for drawing out initial concepts, conducting competitive research and analysis, synthesizing research, designing mid-fi to hi-fi wireframes, UI design and animation.

Quikix is a new and upcoming company with aspirations in creating a robust digital platform that allows individuals, influencers and businesses the ability to gather quick image based feedback worldwide. Feedback can come in the form of up votes, downvotes and flushed out statistical data based on individual user details such as geographic information, interests, and more.

After the initial pitch, we aimed to uncover solutions for a myriad of questions that would eventually lead to Quikix success in the long term. The questions included:

  • What will the make up of Quikix' audience look like once the product is launched?

  • What are the goals of our audience? How will they be primarily using the app?

  • How can we make the application engaging and practical for these specific consumers?

Pinpointing these questions, we knew that the building of user personas would be necessary. We would have to dive into their unique user journeys as a way to foresee how users will transverse Quikix with the goal of 'instant feedback' in mind.

With that noted, we first began tackling our design problem by studying and looking into competitors and comparative apps, looking into what effectively works for each app and what doesn't, hoping that it would shed some light into what we should incorporate into our own design.


Samantha Bonnet

Liza Rudiuk


  • Adobe XD

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator


  • Affinity Mapping

  • Personas

  • Journey Mapping

  • Paper Prototype

  • Mid-fi Prototype

  • Hi-Fi Prototype

  • Animation Screens



The conceptual idea for Quikix was brought to us as an app that combines the social media experience and rapid survey taking with the goal of instantaneous feedback . Therefore, we found it to be appropriate to look into not only direct competitive applications such as Wishbone and Survey Monkey, but also image focused social media platforms like Instagram.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1_edited.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1.05.08 PM.png



Review | Coupon


Knowing the amount of influencers on a social media website like Instagram would prove to be useful when designing features for 'average' users  VS influencers who have higher degrees of virility in their posts and may need tools to spread their information on a larger scale.





Having had the opportunity to access previously acquired user information and speak to stakeholders, we were able to forumate primary, secondary and tertiary user personas based on voluntary input and carefully scripted interviews. We were able to use these personas as a resource throughout the length of the design process.







  • Quick Individual Experience

  • Share and vote on images/videos

  • Gather feedback from anyone


  • Engage with Followers and Fans

  • Real-Time Feedback

  • Product Inventory




  • Lack of Audience Interest

  • No way to receive quick feedback

  • Needs quick way to find followers


  • No ability to share on social media channels

  • Lack of polling  tool for contests/ give aways

  • Lack of data on followers and fans






  • Quick Market Research

  • Simple, flexible surveys

  • Actionable Real-Time Data

  • Demographic, Geographic Data


  • Needs easy access to statistical data

  • Needs to transfer data to analytical programs such as Excel


thumbnail (2).jpeg
thumbnail (1).jpeg


Having mapped out our user focused goals for the app, we dived into an in-depth brainstorming session in which we were able to visualize what features would be best utilized by our primary, secondary and and tertiary users. We wanted to highlight the most important facets of engagement throughout the user flow and make certain that our personas were constantly referenced to throughout the process.




People want validation for their everyday decisions.

"I love this idea! Look at my phone; right now my wife is at Lowes asking me which cabinet pulls I like. I am getting endless text messages. Why is no one doing this?" - CMO, Homie 


Access to Real Time Data

People want access to information in real time in order to make informed decisions and changes.

"Every e-brand would love to gather better data from users and potential customers. Users would get more excited and feel more important if they are part of the design process." - VP Marketing, Vooray


Costly and Time Consuming Surveys

Current market surveys take a lot of time, money and research (and still may not reach the target audience).


Only about 10% of surveys are filled to completion.

Disengaged Community

"We're not utilizing anything to identify product preferences, and potential customers who would purchase. Having user input and direct path to purchase would definitely fill a gap we have." 


Director Brand Marketing, Rumpl


thumbnail (3)_edited_edited.jpg

With our key insights, personas and goals in mind,

we felt comfortable in trying to create a feasible

userflow for the app, starting with our individual and

influencer consumers. Our hope for this design was

to create an experience that was easy to use

for anyone, and not just for the business savy.



Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 4.36.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 4.37.14 PM.png

 Initially, our design team were given examples of

wireframes that were previously done by past designers

working with Qukix. While they had very useful ideas

throughout their design, our current goal was create

a flow that was cohesive in color, formatting and design.


We started from scratch, starting off from paper prototypes,

to mid-fi wireframes, eventually building up toward

high fidelity prototypes with a number of variations.



Creating A Profile


Landing Screen 

Account creation through username selection, e-mail and demographic info

Populate user feed upon account creation through tagged interests

Follow Quikix Users with Mutual Interests

2 start.png
3 Group 2 (1).png
4 choose interests.png


Qukix Statistics Page Emoticon – 2.png
Qukix Statistics Page Emoticon.png
Qukix Statistics Page Emoticon – 3.png

For those who desire a more thorough breakdown of demographical data based on votes, we wanted to incorporate the option to access a full array of statistical data in real-time, designed in a digestible easy to understand format.

For those are in need for more in-depth insight into voter data, a premium pay wall will allow users to download a detailed breakdown through a printable sheet or

an Excel download file.



Loading Animation

For screens between Quikix uploads
and setting changes, loading icons

were created to simulate buffering 

between processes. The company's 
primary colors of hot pink and bright orange were used for each variant.

orange logo.gif
22 post active.png

Voting Animation

As a way to give the user enjoyable feedback when voting on a Quikix post, affirmative and negative confirmation animations were created for each unique

impression. Each animation is quick and subtle enough to give each user a feeling

of accomplishment without slowing the app experience.

22 post active.png
menu animation gif.gif

Menu Animation

A modern menu animation was created to add high quality touches to the rest of the design, using the same gradients as many of the key attributes throughout the app.


While we did receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from stakeholders, we do realize that the scope of this project was rather small due to the brief time frame we were given. Therefore, we included intended next steps for this project which included:

  • Fleshing out the community hub and explore how users can interact with each other on the app outside of casting votes.

  • Getting feedback from business users in order to tailor the statistic breakdown page based on their unique company needs. 

  • Conduct more user research to pinpoint just how engaging the app is at its current design and take note of possible changes

In truth, I have high hopes for this design and can see its ongoing potential as it continues to change and grow!

5 discover users.png

Find users to follow through

interest tags selected in previous


6 Add Friends and Contacts.png

Find more opportunities to add

friends through algorithmic suggestion
and contacts both on and off Quikix.

9 home.png

Users will get immidiate access to a

tailored feed based on friends and interests and can participate in polls or create new Quikix posts.

Create a Quikix

Quikix users will be given the option three different formats, an Image format, a text format and a double image polling format.

With the exception of the polling format, standard images and text posts will have the option of choice between voter impressions, (a thumbs up/down and emotion based responses) based on the kind of feedback desired.

10 create a survey .png

1. Select Qukix Format

11 create survey.png

2. Poll Selection

18 create survey3 text filled.png

3. Image Selection

20 post quikix filled.png

4. Custom Quikix Settings

21 uploaded share.png

5. Upload Confirmation and
Share Screen

22 post active.png

6. See your custom Quikix
on your feed 

Group 2 (18).png

7. See instant feedback from
votes casted



Thanks for submitting!

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